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Spice Sherpa has been honored with recognition in the form of awards and being featured in other publications on and offline.

November, 2010 The Lovely Blog Award

Technorati claims there are currently over 100 million blogs. Against those numbers it’s always a treat to receive a comment notification that you’ve been chosen to receive a blogging award.  In this case, thank you to A Little Bit of Everything for giving Spice Sherpa the One Lovely Blog Award. Even though Spice Sherpa dwelves into other spice-related topics these awards demonstrate the warm and generous spirit in the food blogging community. A Little Bit of Everything runs a great food blog illustrated with pictures, vignettes and video. She’s a phenomenal cook and has a natural intuition for flavor.

I’m passing the One Lovely Blog Award on to 15 deserving blogs. Hardly a nanodrop in the bucket of blogs out there but these are truly worthy.

  1. Quickies On The Dinner Table.  Love the title? You’ll love the blog more. Denise is a trained chef and mother. Her food and photography is exquisite and doable for the everyday kitchen mortal.
  2. Ancient Fire Wines. Another killer name that originally caught my attention. Jason is a true mixologist and has brewed award-winning wine, mead, and beer. He’s also a cancer survivor and his outlook is naturally saturated in optimism. I love that.
  3. Gigabyting. It’s intelligent and entertaining. You won’t find recipes but food is about so much more.
  4. The Ardent Epicure. Very lovely. Very informative. Always a joy to read.
  5. Health Power for Minorities. This is a brand new blog but the site is a heavy-lifter for good health and inspirations. A definite must-see for all ethnic backgrounds.
  6. Cooking with Caitlin. She launched the world’s most fun weekly 2 hours on Twitter: “Foodies Night In” or if you’re adverse to the term foodie, “Food Lovers Night In.”  You can join the fun from 4-6 p.m. every Monday using the hashtag #fnichat.
  7. Art of the Spa. A regular cornicopia of fantastic decor and lifestyle ideas to make your life a little more luxurious, entertaining and fun.
  8. The Beehive Blog
  9. Secret Stash SaltsAll things salt. The recent blog post is on a divine invention called vanilla salt. Need I say more?
  10. CondoBlues. Cooking on a budget, DIY lifestyle pieces and all things green–all of it seasoned with a touch of zaniness which is why I enjoy what this blog says.
  11. Jamie’s Living.
  12. Mistress of Spice I go here when I want a little vacation. The Mistress lives in Paris and shares her adventures in la table and la bouffe (table and food).

April, 2010. The Sunshine Award x2

The SunshineThe Sunshine AwardAward is given to bloggers who are deemed warm, inspirational and positive; hence the sunflower which symbolizes it. This is Spice Sherpa’s first official award and its arrival generated lots of enthusiasm. Imagine the surprise when the following week it popped into the inbox again! Generous thanks to Quickies on the Dinner Table and The Unpolished Spoon! Both these bloggers run fabulous sites filled with amazing recipes, great writing, and entertaining posts. It’s a compliment to be on their favorite blog radar.

In the spirit of The Sunshine Award the recipient lists their favorite blogs. The following were chosen for their ability to provide inspiration, a display of creativity, great photos or their consistant ability to entertain. Drumroll please…

Jessica’s Dinner Party; Zen Chef Tom; The Easy Indian; Sweet Life; Family Fresh Cooking; Gigabiting; Food Practice; Dessert Crazy: 365 Days of Clean Eating

March/April 2010. Rochester Magazine, The Suburban Outlaw.

Pamela Shermann, columnist for Rochester Magazine met Spice Sherpa on Twitter. After tweeting a question to @SpiceSherpa and receiving a prompt answer and blog post on Moroccan spice advice she included Spice Sherpa in her bi-monthly column.  Rochester Magazine is printed exclusively on hardcopy so the article is unavailable online.

December, 2009.  San Francisco Holiday Guide, Easy Homemade Foodie Gifts Under $15

Author Jamie Dougherty of the blog Jamie Living compiled a creative list of great gift ideas for the holidays or anytime you want to give a special gift. Spice Sherpa’s Homemade Spice Blends made the list.