Local Food, Real Food, Fresh Food

Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating

by Mark Bittman

Lose weight. Save money. Heal the planet. According to Mark Bittman that’s what will happen to you if you start to eat local, real food. Guess what? He’s absolutely right. Bittman links diet, health, the environment and the climate to our food choices. What’s the spice connection? Spices are a natural and healthy way to season your food.  Using spices means rejecting the artificial flavor injected into the processed foods dominating the American diet. Bittman’s elequance lies not so much in his prose but his recipes. He’s famous for his simple, seasonal recipes (hey, we’re all about simple here) and he gives you 75 delicious ways to practice what he preaches. If nothing else you need this book for the chapter on spice blends accurately called “Six Seasoning Blends You Can’t Live Without.” Try the roasted Chili Powder blend on popcorn. It’s amazing.

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In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

by Michael Pollen

Michael Pollen’s transformational book on exploring the American diet must be on your bookshelf. Period. It’s included on the Spice Sherpa bookshelf, not because of any special mention of spices but because the very principle of seeking and appreciating local, seasonal and authentic foods is a fundamental part of what spices represent.

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