Spice Pairings

Chocolate. Enjoy.

Care for some chocolate?

Spices alone are pretty intoxicating. But when you add high quality chocolate…mmmm…need more be said? If you haven’t discovered the pleasure of artisan chocolate, congratulations. You are about to enter chocolate enlightenment.

Chocolate and spice do more than taste nice. Eating high quality dark chocolate gives you a healthy dose of antioxidants. Spices are full of their own benefits depending on which ones are blended into the chocolate.

You should be able to do more than just read about chocolate and spice. You deserve to taste it. Some flavors are made for each other. Individually they have their own merits but when combined, qualities are revealed creating a unique and  surreal taste.  Texture, aroma, and flavor harmonize to create an almost magical moment. That’s why they say savor the moment. Because in a blink (or swallow) it’s gone.


Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Vosges Chocolat

Sweet Indian curry powder &  chocolate ~ Indian green cardamom & Venezuelan dark chocolate ~ Mexican ancho, chipotle chillies & Ceylon cinnamon dark chocolate ~ Tibetan goji berries, pink Himalayan salt & deep milk chocolate

Katrina of Vosges Haute Chocolate knows how to intrigue your taste buds. This is part of her Exotic Chocolate Bar line (she has truffles too).  But first a quick story: I started with the Naga bar (curry powder and dark or milk chocolate) and fell in love. It was destiny. Just days after discovering the Chicago-based chocolatier I was waiting for a flight in Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Facing my gate was a Vosges retail store, one of six in the entire country.  Exquisite chocolates and a flight on schedule: airport nirvana. Click here to explore Exotic Chocolate Bars from Vosges Chocolat




Ginger & dark chocolate ~ Cardomom & dark chocolate ~ Cumin & dark chocolate ~ Cinnamon & dark chocolate.

Dolfin has eliminated the pain of choosing. They have a 48 piece spice assortment that includes everything listed above. If you’re reading this, you can appreciate this high quality chocolate jackpot!

Dolfin has more:

Pink peppercorn & dark chocolate ~ Green anise seed & dark chocolate ~ White pepper & cardamom in dark chocolate ~ Hot masala & smooth milk chocolate.

Now you can choose from black (from Cafe Tasse), pink or white pepper (from Dolfin) for your chocolate fix. Hot masala is a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, clove and ginger. It’s like eating the smooth, sweet warmth of the sun.

Dolfin has also managed to capture the essence of spring with dark chocolate & lavender from Haute Provence. Lavender is an herb (and considered a spice) but it would be a crime not let you know this lovely pairing exists.






Caramel & sea salt ~ Chili powder & dark chocolate.

Chocolate and peanuts. Chocolate and pretzels. Chocolate and potato chips. Anyone who has been completely unsuccessful at limiting themselves to just one bite knows the addictive powers of chocolate and salt. Nirvana skipped the gimmicks and put crystals of pure sea salt into theirs. It’s a serious treat. As for the chili and dark chocolate–this is for chocolate and spice purists. The Aztecs made chocolate chili concoctions and the recipe has been revitalized for the 21st century.


Cafe Tasse

Dark orange & black pepper bar ~ Dark chocolate with cranberries & soft chili

In case you’re wondering, pepper and chocolate make a fabulous combination. It will surprise you in themoste delicious kind of way. Soft chile provides warmth without the bite of too much heat. Cafe Tasse adds a third dimension of flavor with the dired fruits.

Dolfin, Cafe Tasse, and Nirvana along with their incredible spice-infused chocolate can be found at the Chocolate Source.  

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