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The world of spices runs much deeper than what’s generally listed in a recipe or displayed on the supermarket shelf. What do I mean? Open the door and find:


Using spices is extremely cool because it allows you to totally customize your food. Want a little Caribbean influence? How about taking a culinary trip to the Middle East? A destination dinner to Mexico? Even the simplest blends sprinkled on everyday foods like popcorn allows you to experience a whole new taste.  There’s also a lot to discover within a spice. There must be over twenty different types of salt, each imparting their own flavor and texture onto your food (granulated, iodized, white salt—outta here)!


Spices hold intrigue and romance. Their allure inspired the Age of Exploration, fueled piracy and set forth chains of reaction that shaped civilizations. Bold statements for what is today considered common household staples. But that’s the point. Spices’ exotic stories, sensual connections, and international flair have never disappeared.


Ever wonder how some people seem to make eating healthy look easy and enjoyable? That’s right, spices. Your brain wants flavor and variety. Spices banish the bland and boring and transform healthy foods into a scrumptious experience. Plus, the spices themselves pack a healthy punch.

If you lived during the ancient times access to spices meant access to medicinal treatments. Upset stomachs, arthritis even fertility were all treated with the administration of spices. In merry olde England spices were valued because of their perceived medical strengths and ability to preserve meats. (The Egyptians also knew a thing or two about preserving things with spices).

Today’s advanced research capabilities are revealing and confirming many of the health benefits attributed to spices. Many spices have valuable health qualities and are used as aids to treat inflammation, upset stomachs and even used for their anti-microbial properties.

Spices also have surprising nutritional value. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, spices are gaining attention for their significant contribution to combat cancer, high blood pressure and other life-threatening diseases. More about spices and health are described under each entry in The Spices.

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Spices are probably one the easiest and most affordable ways to live a little fuller, enjoy life a little more, and get healthier while doing it.  Come on in, visit, and enjoy! You’ll find company in the blog. Comments are the spice to this site. Share the flavor!

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