Top chefs know the secret to an amazing meal is in the quality of the ingredients. When it comes to maximizing return on kitchen effort, fresh ground spices are it. Not only is it stupid simple but it saves you money by making your high quality spices last longer.

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Why the Extra Effort?

Quality spices are a small investment (and low quality spices may even be fraudulent). Yet the return on flavor and health benefits makes them worth every hot penny. And who hasn’t opened a jar of fresh cinnamon or cumin and stood there absorbing that irresistible, aromatic potion that only a good fresh spice can deliver?

There are ways of storing and using spices to preserve their freshness and unlock their potential. Investing in a couple of spice specific appliances will allow you to create a whole new level of flavor for your cooking.

All spice appliances have one thing in common: they grind up spices in their whole form. Your spices will stay fresher longer when you have the ability to only grind what you need. Fresh ground spices will also add depth to your recipes that the spices are intended to provide. What good is it to add nutmeg if the flavor is only a foggy shadow of what the recipe intends?

Chances are you’re already grinding a spice. If you own a pepper mill you’ve already discovered the premium way to use your spice. Seriously. Fresh-cracked black pepper vs. powdered? ‘Nuff said.

The ability to grind your spices allows you to add an entirely new dimension to your spice blends and recipes. You can even roast and toast your whole spices before grinding.