Spices A to Z

Scroll, choose and click to open the lid!

Scroll, choose and click to open the lid!

Here you will find what you need to know about a particular spice. Just click to learn about flavors, textures, best storage practices, as well as reported health benefits. Many spices have a history that’s as rich and unusual as their flavor. So keep an eye out and you will find some unusual stories mixed in the list.  And don’t worry, we kept it short (mostly) and easy to read (definitely).

How to Use The Spices

Spices are listed alphabetically. Find the one that interests you and click. Each page is divided into sections called: The Basics, The Flavor, The Form, Interesting Stories, and Health Benefits. Scroll further to check out a recipe featuring that particular spice under the section called, Try It!”

This guide is in the expansion phase so visit often as more spices are added weekly. Our note to you: We are moving down the list in alphabetical order. If you’re scoping out a particular spice and it’s low on the alphabet lineup then contact us! We’ll give your request priority. This is a starter list. If there’s a spice you don’t see listed here let us know. We’ll add it.

Aleppo Chile


Ancho Chile

Asafoetida–The world’s smelliest spice.

Cardamom–The new cinnamon. No, really.


Charnushka – Another name for nigella

Chinese 5 Spice–A spice blend

Cilantro — fresh and bright or soapy stinkbug?

Cinnamon — Two versions of this ancient spice.

Coriander — This spice grew in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon


Curry – A spice blend. Green, hot, sweet–which one suits you?


Fennel Seed


Garam Masala -A spice blend

Ginger -Ground, crystallized, pickled, preserved, stewed, or juiced.



Nigella  – If you’re looking for your own secret ingredient to impressive and stump your guests. Nigella is it.



Pumpkin Pie Spice – A spice blend

Ras el Hanout – A North African spice blend

Saffron – The world’s most expensive spice complete with a 4000 year history.

Salt–Think salt is boring? You need to check this out.

Star Anise




Vanilla–Make your own vanilla extract. It takes 5 minutes.