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The Fantastic 5: Antioxidant Spice Heroes or How to Keep That Pesky “Eat Healthy” Resolution!

Okay, let’s see a show of hands. How many of us included the perennial “eat healthier” in our New Year’s resolutions? Yeah, my hand is up too. How many of us are still going strong in that category? Hmmm…thought so.  We need help!… Continue Reading →

3 Spices for Beautiful Skin

Beauty may only be skin deep but don’t underestimate the importance of that top layer.  Did you realize your skin is your largest organ? As such it has a tremendous responsibility; it protects you from the environment, helps regulate your internal… Continue Reading →

Spicy Summer Hair

  Lavender and hair? There’s a connection and it starts in winter. From hip-looking beanies to soft-lined aviators to funky tuks with the little tassles on top: when the cold flows, hats rule. But that’s so two months ago and summer items… Continue Reading →

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