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Maintaining freshness

Seasoned Kale Chips: The Addicting Version

Want a snack that doesn’t sabotage your healthy intentions? Here’s your cure: seasoned kale chips. These little delights are salty, crunchy and utterly addicting. Addicting is good because kale chips are stuffed with nutrients, vitamins, fiber, protein, calcium and iron. Eat your greens? Heck… Continue Reading →

Sugared Flowers

Or…A Sugared Bouquet for Mother’s Day   Mother’s Day has a pretty sweet deal. It’s positioned smack in the middle of spring which means the day is naturally adorned with spring rains, fresh sunshine and of course, flowers. If you’re looking for… Continue Reading →

Help! My Cardamom Has Changed. What Happened?

“The cardamom I use for my cinnamon rolls is not as it used to be.” While this question is specific for cardamom chances are it applies to most of the spices on your shelf. Cloves, pepper, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, mace,… Continue Reading →

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