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Sage Toffee

“This tastes like the bomb!” “I have to have that recipe.” “WHAT did you add? This is dangerous!” “Please send more!!” Welcome to the world of my sage toffee. I make it every year through the holiday season. It’s a… Continue Reading →

Holiday baking. You have the music going, the twinkling lights, and visions of ginger and all its friends spreading aromatic joy in your house in the form of baked gingerbread boys. But your brown sugar stash is nearly gone. Do you… Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Pie & Somersaults

When you’re a kid, you run free. Remember those days? Throwing yourself down hills and rolling yourself into delirium. Swinging high and fast. Flipping around the monkey bars. You know what kids don’t do? Eat a wide variety of foods (yes, there… Continue Reading →

Healthy Sausage Seasonings for Clean Eating

Near the end of October, the food and health sector on the Internet was sizzling louder than a cast iron pan loaded with breakfast meat. Why? The International Agency for Research on Cancer, an independent agency under the auspices of the World… Continue Reading →

Midnight Bars: the Un-pumpkin, Un-brownie Bar

There is a certain purity to midnight. Deep in its folds it hides whispers of enchantment, phantoms, and the darkest, most elegant version of black velvet. That’s what these bars become — midnight at its finest. The Enchantment Yes. There is… Continue Reading →

Roasting a squash whole save time and your fingertips!

Homemade Graham Crackers

DIY Graham crackers: just in time for your epic Labor Day, last-summer-campout s’more session. I originally ran across this recipe on Brown Eyed Baker. The recipe is so crazy easy, so delicious, so beyond what we expected—I’ve made four batches in two… Continue Reading →

Easy Popsicle Recipe: How to Make Red Zinger Spiced Popsicles

Summertime feels like bliss. But what about those heat waves that come ripping through July and August that feel downright satanic? Not so much. And with no central air, maintaining a civilized nature becomes a challenge worthy of its own… Continue Reading →

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: 3 Ideas

The green gateway to freshness; that’s spring for you. Enter herbs. What’s unique about spring is that cooking with herbs works with what’s fresh growing now…asparagus, strawberries or rhubarb anyone?…as well as adding a refreshing shot of flavor to the stalwart staples… Continue Reading →

Spice Yourself Skinny with Simple Southwestern Roasted Vegetables

4 Signs of Spring:   Flowers.   Windy Days.   Spring Skiing.   Getting Ready for Bathing Suit Season!   Chilly rain one day…a wet snow shower the next followed by a surprise shot of warm sun that lasts all of… Continue Reading →

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