Do you believe? In sugarplums that is? Sugarplums are the things of fairy names and sweetened childrens’ dreams on Christmas Eve.  An old-fashioned confection made with a potpourri of holiday spices, dried fruits and nuts, held together with molasses, honey and powdered sugar–sugarplums are very real. In these sweet hours before Christmas I’m going to give you a sugarplum […]

Yeah, yeah…you’ve heard it all before. The perfect this. The best that. But this time the claim means business. Here’s why this recipe truly is the perfect carrot cake. 1. It fits nearly any season. It’s springtime right now and we all have visions of flowers, eggs, bunnies and carrots. Granted, the only reason carrots […]

Attention athletes, skiers and early-morning risers: If you ever need to be out the door and on the road in the wee hours of the morning this is the cake for you. The word cake is really a misnomer. This is a nutrient-rich block of spicy goodness drenched in a sugary, orange syrup.  Filled with yogurt, walnuts, […]

  It’s the 1950’s. Picture a woman, tall, pretty and elegant, moving around the house like the quintessential 1950’s housewife she is. She plays bridge, smokes unfiltered Camels and is a modern woman. Then in the 1960’s her husband moves the family to Djarkta, Indonesia and the Philippenes. These are the same islands where only a […]

  Coffee is an elixir. It wakes you up, soothes your soul, massages your taste buds, gives you a break in the day, revs you up, calms you down…all this and it’s legal. Ask ten people to define a perfect cup of coffee and you’ll get ten different answers. But regardless how you love your […]

Malaysia has curries, India; garam masala, and Morocco; ras al hanout. Here in the United States we claim ownership to that shining star of holiday cooking blends: pumpkin pie spice. You can purchase pumpkin pie spice off-the-shelf but consider making your own. Why? Not only is it ridiculously SIMPLE, it will be fresher and less […]

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