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Questions Answered: Non-Alcoholic Vanilla? What’s The Ratio of Vanilla in Alcohol?

A Spice Sherpa reader is making her first batch of vanilla extract and had more questions than my previous two posts on vanilla covered. Question: If making your own homemade vanilla is that easy why isn’t everyone doing it? Answer:… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Are Dried Rose Petals from the Garden OK As Spice?

“As rich and purposeless as is the rose: Thy simple doom is to be beautiful.”                             –Stephen Phillips, Marpessa With a scent that defines love, petals whose softness rivals that of infant skin, and a persnickety nature that requires constant… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Ideas for Salt Substitutes?

  Q: I’m wondering if you have any spice combinations to reduce the need for salt – which is increasingly being touted as extra bad for us. I’ve tried ‘Mrs. Dash’ but didn’t care for it. I’ve also used the… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Moroccan Spices

Last week a reader visiting Morocco sent a Twitter message, “I’m in Morocco. Marrakesh tomorrow and haven’t bought spices yet. What to get? Saffron? Paprika? Tell me, it’s overwhelming!” Overwhelmed in Morocco? It’s understandable. The sounds, souks, colors, culture, flavor and aromas…it’s collectively… Continue Reading →

Help! My Cardamom Has Changed. What Happened?

“The cardamom I use for my cinnamon rolls is not as it used to be.” While this question is specific for cardamom chances are it applies to most of the spices on your shelf. Cloves, pepper, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, mace,… Continue Reading →

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