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Vanilla Villains: Your Guide to The Bad Guys

In my last post, I shared how to make authentic, homemade vanilla extract. What ensued was a lively discussion over the confusion about the color of vanilla (check out the comments and chime in). People were surprised that vanilla was steeped in vodka… Continue Reading →

Spices & The Exhausted Cook

  Have you ever felt like everything has converged together to thwart your best laid plans? C’mon. It happens to everyone. My story is a mixture of love, ambition, and food. My sons and husband were in the Adirondacks for… Continue Reading →

Apple Pie Spice Blend: Make Your Own

C’mon…you know the jingle; baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet… Between steroids, processed food, and and car companies this all-American tune may have a new connotation but the apple pie stands its ground. Apple pie is so quintessentially American… Continue Reading →

Absolutely Ultimate Gingerbread

Congratulations. You have found a source for absolutely ultimate gingerbread for a chilly day. Winter begs for nourishing bread that heats you up from tips-to-toes. Enter gingerbread. Forget cakey, flakey, wimpy gingerbread. This version is dense, sticky, spicy, and insanely… Continue Reading →

The 3 Enemies of Fresh, Flavorful & Fragrant Spices

Spices are meant to be used. Right? And if they are going to be used you want them to actually do their job of delivering fresh flavor and fragrance to your food. Unless of course you just want to look… Continue Reading →

Construction Zone Tour: Hard Hats Required

This site is set to launch the week of Oct. 12th but for those who enjoy poking around construction sites I’m leaving two posts. The sole purpose of this one is to prove I actually have figured out how to… Continue Reading →

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