With the holidays approaching and all the gifts you want to give who isn’t interested in saving a little cash?

Now match that thought to the fact that I get a lot of email. Mountains of it. Announcements, offers, articles, articles, merchant updates –a lot of this is junk but there are the occasional bits of treasure. And these bits, my friend, are what I want to pass along to you.

I’ve put up a new Spice Sherpa page listing currently available spice freebies, spice coupons, spice sales and special offers. Now, keep in mind these are occasional bits of treasure. But instead of having to hunt around for them I’m delivering them to you in a nice neat package.

A note on coupons. Coupons are widely available for processed foods (I’ll politely withhold my snarky commentary). Coupons for raw ingredients such as spices…not so much. But I’ll do what I can.

There are two ways to see what’s available. Go to the navigation bar (see it up there?) and click “Spice Freebies.” Or, just wait for the post which I plan to send out about once a month…which is what you’re reading right now.


My Spice Sage

My Spice Sage’s generosity runs deep. You get a FREE 1 oz. spice sample with every purchase. For a limited time you get a FREE 4 oz. bag of ceylon cinnamon powder with every purchase of $20 or more. It’s worth noting that ceylon cinnamon is the good stuff; delicate, sweet, and a holiday necessity. You can add your complimentary bag towards putting together a spice starter kit for someone on your gift list.

Oh yeah, if you’re worried about shipping costs…don’t. There is free shipping on all orders in the U.S.

My Spice Sage also donated to the M.S. Society Benefit Horse Show spice basket. This is a good company with a good heart. And nope, no affiliate relationship. I just like them.


Crystal Diamond Kosher & Sea Salt

Print out coupons worth .40 each for Crystal Diamond Sea and Crystal Diamond Kosher salt.  Crystal Diamond is the standard cooking salt we use in our house and right now they have a coupon for .40 off.

Make your life easy: go to this web site, narrow your search to “groceries.” The Crystal Diamond coupons will be on the 3rd and 4th page. Print, take to your store and your good to go. They really do work…and sometimes our grocery store (Wegmens) doubles them. I’m not a coupon using fiend but I won’t pass up free money on quality products we already use.


Abe’s Market Natural Goods

Abe’s tagline is “natural products for thoughtful shoppers.” It’s a cool online space but the real reason Abe’s is listed here is because they have a neat collection of spices. Holiday Baker’s Kits, Himalayan Salts, Healthy Cook’s Starter Kit, Holiday Favorites Cookies kit, Chill & Grill BBQ Kit, Savory Veggies Kit — fun, useful stuff. Good gift stuff. (On Abe’s home page go to “food” then “spices, seasonings & salts” which is on the bottom of the second column.)

For a limited time you can get $10 off an order of $30 or more. Follow the link below and enter “AbesNewSite” during checkout. Don’t dilly-dally. This offer expires Nov. 21st!

$10 off orders of $30 or more + Free Shipping!

395256_728x90 Gifts


Literally, in between the time I was going to hit “publish” and actually doing so, an announcement came from ChocolateSource.com for 10% off an order of $30 or more. Not as compelling as Abe’s..but still. ChocolateSource.com has the Dolfin 48 piece spiced chocolate assortment that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Order that along with a chocolate and white pepper with cardamom and you’re good to go. Use coupon code BAKING2011 during checkout. This offer expires Nov. 28th.

Whoa, I almost forgot! Check out Karma Sauce Company because in a couple of weeks I’ll be giving a bottle of their scrumptious sauce to a lucky soul. Their sauces use a butternut squash base. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve never tried anything quite like it. It’s special stuff.

If you run across anything else you’d like to share please post it in the comments below! I’ll add it to the Spice Freebies with attribution to you (if you want).

Charming folksy gift photo attribution: MadArtists