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Holiday Posts

Sage Toffee

“This tastes like the bomb!” “I have to have that recipe.” “WHAT did you add? This is dangerous!” “Please send more!!” Welcome to the world of my sage toffee. I make it every year through the holiday season. It’s a… Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Pie & Somersaults

When you’re a kid, you run free. Remember those days? Throwing yourself down hills and rolling yourself into delirium. Swinging high and fast. Flipping around the monkey bars. You know what kids don’t do? Eat a wide variety of foods (yes, there… Continue Reading →

Midnight Bars: the Un-pumpkin, Un-brownie Bar

There is a certain purity to midnight. Deep in its folds it hides whispers of enchantment, phantoms, and the darkest, most elegant version of black velvet. That’s what these bars become — midnight at its finest. The Enchantment Yes. There is… Continue Reading →

Roasting a squash whole save time and your fingertips!

More Gingerbread Road Show: A Perfection of Confection

Making gingerbread houses takes a certain breed of person. Creative. Patient. Methodical. Not sure about you but I always overindulge from snacking on all the candy decorations. So let’s add self-disciplined to that list. But here’s the kicker—who doesn’t absolutely looooove gingerbread… Continue Reading →

Enchilada Sauce for Impatient Cooks

Do you want the liveliness a bold Mexican dish made from scratch but aren’t in the mood to sacrifice half your weekend chained to the stove to make a singular sauce? Here is a sauce that gives you the aroma and flavor you want along with the flexibility… Continue Reading →

National Earth Day: 3 Ways Spices Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  Earth Day. This is probably my 8th attempt to start this post. Why? Because despite my M.S. in Environmental Science any feeble attempt I make to stitch together the dependency of natural systems (which includes people shocker!) on a… Continue Reading →

Homemade Easter Egg Dye

  You don’t have to go far on the web to find recipes on how to make natural food coloring. I’m simply taking it one step further. Instead of the usual beets and onion skins let’s open the spice cupboard. Making homemade… Continue Reading →

Visions of Sugarplums

Do you believe? In sugarplums that is? Sugarplums are the things of fairy names and sweetened childrens’ dreams on Christmas Eve.  An old-fashioned confection made with a potpourri of holiday spices, dried fruits and nuts, held together with molasses, honey and powdered sugar–sugarplums… Continue Reading →

Giveaway: The Karma Sauce Company “Smokey” #2

What do you get when you combine a December trip to the Mayan Riviera with the holiday season in Upstate New York? You get an unexpected holiday gift (yes, you! If you win). A bottle of warmth and flavor that, like a vacation, will taste completely… Continue Reading →

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