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How to Roast Spices

Spiced ales, spiced nuts, spice cake, sugarplums, gingerbread…the holidays are practically synonomous with spices. Whether your kitchen inspiration is limited to these seasonal celebrations or you’re a full-time, dedicated foodie: spices are the key ingredients to many holiday dishes. Dry roasting your spices is… Continue Reading →

Candy Corn Cookies With Natural Coloring

About a week ago Food News Journal posted a link to the most adorable cookie recipe on the blog by Baked Bree. I knew immediately that I’d be making the recipe.  But as I scrolled through the comments, one in particular… Continue Reading →

Crêpes Aux Fines Herbes

Spices, herbs, breakfast and the muffin-top dilemma: problem solved with a crêpe via the bagel. One of the fun things about Spice Sherpa is that those who create the spice blends will occasionally ask Spice Sherpa for an opinion. About a month ago Bagel… Continue Reading →

White Meat and Vegetarian BBQ Rub & DIY Hostess Gift

  Graduations, birthdays and the Fourth-of-July. Summer picnics, block parties and backyard get-togethers. Summer is the time for impromptu fun and outdoor time with family, friends and anyone else with whom you want to share your smiles. You know the tune–via email,… Continue Reading →

Basic Mexican Chocolate Ice-Cream

Aaaah, ice-cream. There are as many ice-cream flavors as there are personalities: sophisticated, playful, artistic, extravagant, creative, simple, humble, diva, flamboyant…you get the idea! Here’s one that’s loyal but playful. It starts with basic chocolate ice-cream. It’s good. Really good…. Continue Reading →

Hold Your Horses Molasses Cookies

If you’re looking for the cookie recipe for the molasses cookie you ate at the Stoney Creek MS Benefit Horse Show today you’re in the right spot. If you weren’t there, you’ll still enjoy this post. Let me fill you in. You… Continue Reading →

5 Minute Spanish Everything Sauce

Across the United States Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. I’m originally from California and for most Californians early May is not about spring but more about good quality margaritas (on the rocks please), Mexican food and… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Ideas for Salt Substitutes?

  Q: I’m wondering if you have any spice combinations to reduce the need for salt – which is increasingly being touted as extra bad for us. I’ve tried ‘Mrs. Dash’ but didn’t care for it. I’ve also used the… Continue Reading →

Leftover Easter Eggs: What NOT to Do

  It’s three days after Easter and every time you open the refrigerator those cheerful little bundles of red, orange, purple and yellow are still there. Sound familiar? There is only so much you can do with a hardboiled egg…. Continue Reading →

The Spiceries Oatmeal Cookies

  It’s the 1950’s. Picture a woman, tall, pretty and elegant, moving around the house like the quintessential 1950’s housewife she is. She plays bridge, smokes unfiltered Camels and is a modern woman. Then in the 1960’s her husband moves the… Continue Reading →

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