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Question Answered: Are Dried Rose Petals from the Garden OK As Spice?

“As rich and purposeless as is the rose: Thy simple doom is to be beautiful.”                             –Stephen Phillips, Marpessa With a scent that defines love, petals whose softness rivals that of infant skin, and a persnickety nature that requires constant… Continue Reading →

5 Cool Spices for a Hot Day & A 30-Second Taste Test

  It’s hot outside. And humid. It’s the kind of weather that defines summer. The single most important quest for everyone is how to stay cool. Fans, swimming pools, shade—anything that can take a few degrees off your body feels like bliss…. Continue Reading →

Spicy Summer Hair

  Lavender and hair? There’s a connection and it starts in winter. From hip-looking beanies to soft-lined aviators to funky tuks with the little tassles on top: when the cold flows, hats rule. But that’s so two months ago and summer items… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Ideas for Salt Substitutes?

  Q: I’m wondering if you have any spice combinations to reduce the need for salt – which is increasingly being touted as extra bad for us. I’ve tried ‘Mrs. Dash’ but didn’t care for it. I’ve also used the… Continue Reading →

Good Morning Greek Spice Cake

Attention athletes, skiers and early-morning risers: If you ever need to be out the door and on the road in the wee hours of the morning this is the cake for you. The word cake is really a misnomer. This is… Continue Reading →

2 Teas for Winter Weather (or Under the Weather)

Snow. Rain. Wind. Sleet. Whatever is beating on your window this winter you can keep the chill away with either of these teas. Both are winter elixers of heat and health. They’re simple concotions but hold an impressive list of… Continue Reading →

The Unofficial, Extra-Relaxed, Shortcut to Making Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds

It’s Halloween. Then Thanksgiving. That means it’s officially the middle of pumpkin season. If you’re carving pumpkins, cooking pumpkins or just have some for decoration it means you’re swimming in pumpkin seeds along with the potential for an unbelievably tasty… Continue Reading →

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