Boo! I’m going to deviate from the typical spicy format to wish you Happy Halloween and autumn wishes.

This time of year never fails to leave me speechless and completely fulfilled on the natural beauty and seasonal excitement. I’ve lived in Central, Southern and Northern California. Spent a year in Grenoble, France. Now I’m in Upstate New York. It’s stunning.

Please let me share these good vibes. Here’s the stage: I’m sitting here sipping a Goose Island Harvest Ale, listening to The Suburbs and enjoying that there is a maple yogurt rosemary tart in the oven filled with butternut squash, beet greens and red onions–all from our Porter Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Life is good.

Pumpkins are selected:

We couldn’t decide on a single color so we got one of each. Here’s a spiced-up roasted, pumpkin seed recipe (extra easy and extra gourmet, of course).

Autumn leaves abound:


Yes, that’s me…Ms. Spice Sherpa taking a walk on top of our local ski spot.

Pumpkin cupcakes are made:

 These are made with cinnamon, ginger powder, and crystallized ginger. The frosting is cream cheese frosting and the natural brown color comes from mixing the frosting with cinnamon. The recipe came from the cookbook, Cupcakes! and we make them every year.

Time to get spooky (cue the ghostly soundtrack):

Happy Halloween!