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Giveaway: The Karma Sauce Company “Smokey” #2

What do you get when you combine a December trip to the Mayan Riviera with the holiday season in Upstate New York? You get an unexpected holiday gift (yes, you! If you win). A bottle of warmth and flavor that, like a vacation, will taste completely… Continue Reading →

Spices, Horses, and the MS Society

Last week was summer’s swan song and I sent it off with a pile of fresh fruits paired up with fun spices. This week I’m buttoning up the season the same way I started it: immersed in the horse world…. Continue Reading →

6 Must-Have Spice Blends for Camping Cook Kits

Road trips. Car camping. Backcountry backpacking adventures. If any of these resonate with you, then it’s an absolute fact  you’ve faced the reality of creating yet another meal with an open flame, minimal ingredients, and a collection of those adorable… Continue Reading →

I Scream for Snow Cream!

Buried. That about sums it up for most of the country these past few weeks. What are you supposed to do when there is this much snow? You play in it!! Spinning the freestyle way (I tried to embed the video… Continue Reading →

The Gingerbread Road Show: 8 With Serious Wow!

You knew it was coming. It’s basically mandatory that a publication dedicated to spices put up something related to gingerbread during the holidays. Last year it was the world’s most ultimate dark, sticky, chewy gingerbread. This year you deserve a… Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Spice Merchant’s Daughter: Recipes & Simple Spice Blends for the American Kitchen

“It was the aroma. The exotic scent of spices: rich, alluring, and almost magical. A scent that would sometimes overpower the freshness in the air and sometimes subtly mingle with it to create a tantalizing bouquet. A scent that would… Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween from Spice Sherpa

Boo! I’m going to deviate from the typical spicy format to wish you Happy Halloween and autumn wishes. This time of year never fails to leave me speechless and completely fulfilled on the natural beauty and seasonal excitement. I’ve lived in… Continue Reading →

A Secret Ingredient: Nigella

  Have you met nigella? Chances are yes, but the spice was probably traveling incognito. Charnushka. Black cumin. Black onion seeds. Black Sesame seeds. This spice goes by many different names which is too bad because it really merits its own pedestal. The… Continue Reading →

3 Rare, Strange, & Unusual Spices

Earth Day. Earth Hour. Is that enough attention to the topics that have relevance to us every day? Biodiversity for example.  That’s the focus of this post, or rather, spices and biodiversity. Biodiversity is on the decline. Not good. From a purely… Continue Reading →

Have You? Would You? Culinary Adventures Around the World

One of the wonderful things about spices is their ability to transport you, even if for just a few bites, to anywhere in the world. Food is culture. It reflects the geography, flora, fauna, stories, and history (e.g. look at the presence of… Continue Reading →

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