Making gingerbread houses takes a certain breed of person. Creative. Patient. Methodical. Not sure about you but I always overindulge from snacking on all the candy decorations. So let’s add self-disciplined to that list.

But here’s the kicker—who doesn’t absolutely looooove gingerbread houses during the holidays? Occasionally the universe aligns and we make them at our house. Most years we head over to the George Eastman House and marvel at their annual display. These houses are made by volunteers ranging from girl scout troops to families to professional bakery artists.

Go turn on some holiday music to set the mood. Here’s my current old school favorite:

Seems the fairy tale groove was the thing to channel this year.

Fairy Tale Gingerbread House RapunzelRapunzel Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair!

 Sleeping Beauty's Gingerbread CastleSleeping Beauty’s Castle

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

And we can’t forget Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. Don’t they look just right?

Speaking of bears…look what we found hanging out in the gingerbread forest. After all, the definition of a gingerbread house is simply a matter of perspective.  Gingerbread camping bear

He’s quite the camper too. Look at how perfect this little guy toasts up his marshmallows on a cinnamonstick fire. We should all be so lucky.


Here’s another gingerbread “house.” Don’t you think this would be loved in the real world? Probably wouldn’t last long!

Gingergread Bird House

…And appropriately decorated with seeds.

Here’s some fun with perspective. As if decorating the outside of a gingerbread house wasn’t challenge enough. This cozy space wants you to join the fun on the inside!


 St. Basil's gingerbread cathedral

Time to get gorgeous. St. Basil’s Cathedral anyone? There’s more than appears here. The windows light up as candy stain glass. Unreal.

We’ll end with pushing the envelope of conventional gingerbread. How about Breakfast at Tiffany’s? (Personally, a snow covered mountain with a pair of awesome skis would have me swooning but this could work too.)

Want more gingerbread? Check out the original Gingerbread Road Show: 8 with Serious Wow.

Wishing you a sparkling, fun holiday season full of a few of your favorite things.

And if you’re into window shopping for your own gingerbread wow-factor–here you go. Grab an eggnog, grog, or cider and enjoy.