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Book Review: The Spice Merchant’s Daughter: Recipes & Simple Spice Blends for the American Kitchen

“It was the aroma. The exotic scent of spices: rich, alluring, and almost magical. A scent that would sometimes overpower the freshness in the air and sometimes subtly mingle with it to create a tantalizing bouquet. A scent that would… Continue Reading →

A Secret Ingredient: Nigella

  Have you met nigella? Chances are yes, but the spice was probably traveling incognito. Charnushka. Black cumin. Black onion seeds. Black Sesame seeds. This spice goes by many different names which is too bad because it really merits its own pedestal. The… Continue Reading →

White Meat and Vegetarian BBQ Rub & DIY Hostess Gift

  Graduations, birthdays and the Fourth-of-July. Summer picnics, block parties and backyard get-togethers. Summer is the time for impromptu fun and outdoor time with family, friends and anyone else with whom you want to share your smiles. You know the tune–via email,… Continue Reading →

Basic Mexican Chocolate Ice-Cream

Aaaah, ice-cream. There are as many ice-cream flavors as there are personalities: sophisticated, playful, artistic, extravagant, creative, simple, humble, diva, flamboyant…you get the idea! Here’s one that’s loyal but playful. It starts with basic chocolate ice-cream. It’s good. Really good…. Continue Reading →

5 Minute Spanish Everything Sauce

Across the United States Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. I’m originally from California and for most Californians early May is not about spring but more about good quality margaritas (on the rocks please), Mexican food and… Continue Reading →

Have You? Would You? Culinary Adventures Around the World

One of the wonderful things about spices is their ability to transport you, even if for just a few bites, to anywhere in the world. Food is culture. It reflects the geography, flora, fauna, stories, and history (e.g. look at the presence of… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Moroccan Spices

Last week a reader visiting Morocco sent a Twitter message, “I’m in Morocco. Marrakesh tomorrow and haven’t bought spices yet. What to get? Saffron? Paprika? Tell me, it’s overwhelming!” Overwhelmed in Morocco? It’s understandable. The sounds, souks, colors, culture, flavor and aromas…it’s collectively… Continue Reading →

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