man eating crickets

One of the wonderful things about spices is their ability to transport you, even if for just a few bites, to anywhere in the world. Food is culture. It reflects the geography, flora, fauna, stories, and history (e.g. look at the presence of cardamom in Scandinavia). How it’s eaten, where it’s served, what it is: everything is a culmination of a region’s history at a personal level as well as how it’s intertwined with the greater world around it.

Today I found a collection of unusual vacation eats. These are more than a slide show of strange food. It allows us to reflect for a moment on own food-related boundaries.

Musings aside, I found myself tallying up how many entrees I’ve sampled. There are 11 entrees. I’ve tried the squid-ink pasta, escargot (mmmm), and raw herring (I was served alligater once but it’s not on the list).

First, how many of these entrees have you tried?

And second, if you had to use some of these foods (like crickets) as an ingredient what spices would you use to flavor your dish?