You knew it was coming. It’s basically mandatory that a publication dedicated to spices put up something related to gingerbread during the holidays.

Last year it was the world’s most ultimate dark, sticky, chewy gingerbread.

This year you deserve a break from the scurrying, baking, wrapping, shopping, and writing. Sit back and enjoy the show. Here are 8 gingerbread structures with serious wow-factor. These were part of a larger annual gingerbread display at the Eastman House in Rochester, New York. This particular collection spans 2009 and 2010.

The Mountain Getaway

Time to escape from it all and relax in your cozy mountain cabin. The cinnamon gum roof shingles keep you dry and your skis are waiting for you! Woohoo…time to SWOOSH!!

A Traditional Christmas

Perhaps you prefer something more traditional and formal. Plenty of room for the kids to have visions of sugarplums in this stately residence!

Complete with a matching gingerbread doghouse and gingerbread dog! Isn’t he cute?

For The Sports Fan

I bet those skis offer a sweet ride! You can just make out part of the fondant running shoe on the other side.

The Chocoholic

If you like chocolate with your ginger…make yourself at home.

The Treasure Chest

Perhaps it’s glitter ‘n’ gold ‘n’ pearls that captures ye heart.

A Tribute to The Open Air Market

Get your freshest foodie supplies at the Rochester Public Market; gingerbread style!

Monkey Condo

We all need a little random goofiness and here’s the place to do it. Apologies on the clarity but this one had to be included! Do you think it’s banana-flavored?

It’s your turn. What will you create? (Disclaimer – I’m great at gingerbread shacks. Four walls, a roof, and door. Loaded with confection. Call it done)! It’s the effort that counts. Right?

Have fun!