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Questions Answered: Non-Alcoholic Vanilla? What’s The Ratio of Vanilla in Alcohol?

A Spice Sherpa reader is making her first batch of vanilla extract and had more questions than my previous two posts on vanilla covered. Question: If making your own homemade vanilla is that easy why isn’t everyone doing it? Answer:… Continue Reading →

Candy Corn Cookies With Natural Coloring

About a week ago Food News Journal posted a link to the most adorable cookie recipe on the blog by Baked Bree. I knew immediately that I’d be making the recipe.  But as I scrolled through the comments, one in particular… Continue Reading →

Spices & The Exhausted Cook

  Have you ever felt like everything has converged together to thwart your best laid plans? C’mon. It happens to everyone. My story is a mixture of love, ambition, and food. My sons and husband were in the Adirondacks for… Continue Reading →

Basic Mexican Chocolate Ice-Cream

Aaaah, ice-cream. There are as many ice-cream flavors as there are personalities: sophisticated, playful, artistic, extravagant, creative, simple, humble, diva, flamboyant…you get the idea! Here’s one that’s loyal but playful. It starts with basic chocolate ice-cream. It’s good. Really good…. Continue Reading →

Spicy Summer Hair

  Lavender and hair? There’s a connection and it starts in winter. From hip-looking beanies to soft-lined aviators to funky tuks with the little tassles on top: when the cold flows, hats rule. But that’s so two months ago and summer items… Continue Reading →

Hold Your Horses Molasses Cookies

If you’re looking for the cookie recipe for the molasses cookie you ate at the Stoney Creek MS Benefit Horse Show today you’re in the right spot. If you weren’t there, you’ll still enjoy this post. Let me fill you in. You… Continue Reading →

Apple Pie Spice Blend: Make Your Own

C’mon…you know the jingle; baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet… Between steroids, processed food, and and car companies this all-American tune may have a new connotation but the apple pie stands its ground. Apple pie is so quintessentially American… Continue Reading →

Sugared Flowers

Or…A Sugared Bouquet for Mother’s Day   Mother’s Day has a pretty sweet deal. It’s positioned smack in the middle of spring which means the day is naturally adorned with spring rains, fresh sunshine and of course, flowers. If you’re looking for… Continue Reading →

5 Minute Spanish Everything Sauce

Across the United States Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. I’m originally from California and for most Californians early May is not about spring but more about good quality margaritas (on the rocks please), Mexican food and… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Ideas for Salt Substitutes?

  Q: I’m wondering if you have any spice combinations to reduce the need for salt – which is increasingly being touted as extra bad for us. I’ve tried ‘Mrs. Dash’ but didn’t care for it. I’ve also used the… Continue Reading →

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