Last week was summer’s swan song and I sent it off with a pile of fresh fruits paired up with fun spices. This week I’m buttoning up the season the same way I started it: immersed in the horse world.

Four years ago the barn where I keep my horse began hosting a horse show with proceeds to benefit the MS Society. Every year I volunteer and compete. Last year I baked goodies for the concession stand (Hold Your Horses Molasses Cookies)!  One year I painted jumps. This year I put the Spice Sherpa name to work by asking a handful of spice merchants for donations for a raffle. Not only did they donate with a smile but their donations made a spectacular basket that quickly became the thing to win.

The Donation

Here’s what was inside The Spice Basket:

SpiceCare Spice Storage Starter Kit by TableFare: An elegantly simple, superbly functional spice storage solution. Multiple sized containers snap together and stay connected until you separate them, making it easy to keep even large spice collections beautifully organized.

My Spice Sage spices. My Spice Sage is an online merchant offering better prices, spices, and information than the grocery store. Recipes and a free 1 oz. spice sample with every purchase!

Bagel Spice. A scrumptious blend of premium spices inspired by the “Everything Bagel.”  Bagel Spice comes in regular, zesty jalepeno and sea salt flakes.

The Karma Sauce Company. Flat-out amazing hand-made, all natural, gluten-free sauce with a red pepper and butternut squash base. Locally sourced ingredients from the Finger Lakes Region of New York!  Serving suggestions, recipes, gear, local retailer list and online orders at Or call (585) 264-1100.

Their generosity contributed to having the raffle alone earning over $750 for the MS Society. That’s awesome for a home grown effort. I encourage you to visit these unique, shining stars of the spice world. After all, the gift-giving season is rapidly approaching!

A very loud shoutout is in order for the incredible photographic talents of Red Mare Beware Photography. Kym Pocius finds the breathtaking moment in everyday life. If you visit her gallery you WILL smile. Speaking of pictures…


The Competition

Although it was casual and fun, this was a horse show after all. Technically it was a “combined event” which means it was a combination of dressage and stadium jumping. My other contribution to the Stoney Creek Horse Show was to enter as a competitor.

Here’s the day in pictures:

A dressage competitor listens to feedback from nationally-known dressage judge, Valerie Knight.

Here’s your Spice Sherpa hostess riding her mare, Chick’s Big Apple in the dressage phase. My mare’s everyday name is Mela (May-la). It’s Italian for apple. (I love my girl…it’s my 5th year with her).
 Break time. I think Hold Your Horses Molasses Cookies would be appreciated by both. What do you think?

It’s time to jump! Good girl Mela.


Channel 10 News was one of two television stations to come out and cover the day.

Overall the day was a complete success. Plenty of smiles and happy horses. If you’re wondering how we did: 2nd place! Here’s a summary, in ribbons, on her stall door of the summer (this is my photo, not Kym’s as evidenced by the very amateurish composition).


 Thanks for checking out the action and hope to see you there (or here) next year. Happy trails!