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The World’s 4 Most Luxurious Spices

Attention to anyone who loves guilty pleasures, the best of class, a lifestyle punctuated with the occasional top shelf luxuries and lusciousness of knowing you have the best. Here are 4 spices that are the Lamborghini’s, Dom Perignon, Prada, and… Continue Reading →

How to Roast Spices

Spiced ales, spiced nuts, spice cake, sugarplums, gingerbread…the holidays are practically synonomous with spices. Whether your kitchen inspiration is limited to these seasonal celebrations or you’re a full-time, dedicated foodie: spices are the key ingredients to many holiday dishes. Dry roasting your spices is… Continue Reading →

A Secret Ingredient: Nigella

  Have you met nigella? Chances are yes, but the spice was probably traveling incognito. Charnushka. Black cumin. Black onion seeds. Black Sesame seeds. This spice goes by many different names which is too bad because it really merits its own pedestal. The… Continue Reading →

Pieces of Eight, Pirates and Spicy Treasure

If the title sounds like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean, there is good reason. September 19 (today) is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. The action is worldwide, I had to get Spice Sherpa in on the fun. Here… Continue Reading →

Vanilla Villains: Your Guide to The Bad Guys

In my last post, I shared how to make authentic, homemade vanilla extract. What ensued was a lively discussion over the confusion about the color of vanilla (check out the comments and chime in). People were surprised that vanilla was steeped in vodka… Continue Reading →

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is a such a staple of our spice cupboards we hardly give it a second thought. It’s time to change that. The best tasting desserts use top quality ingredients. When it comes to vanilla that’s an expensive statement. Did you… Continue Reading →

Spices & The Exhausted Cook

  Have you ever felt like everything has converged together to thwart your best laid plans? C’mon. It happens to everyone. My story is a mixture of love, ambition, and food. My sons and husband were in the Adirondacks for… Continue Reading →

Question Answered: Are Dried Rose Petals from the Garden OK As Spice?

“As rich and purposeless as is the rose: Thy simple doom is to be beautiful.”                             –Stephen Phillips, Marpessa With a scent that defines love, petals whose softness rivals that of infant skin, and a persnickety nature that requires constant… Continue Reading →

5 Cool Spices for a Hot Day & A 30-Second Taste Test

  It’s hot outside. And humid. It’s the kind of weather that defines summer. The single most important quest for everyone is how to stay cool. Fans, swimming pools, shade—anything that can take a few degrees off your body feels like bliss…. Continue Reading →

White Meat and Vegetarian BBQ Rub & DIY Hostess Gift

  Graduations, birthdays and the Fourth-of-July. Summer picnics, block parties and backyard get-togethers. Summer is the time for impromptu fun and outdoor time with family, friends and anyone else with whom you want to share your smiles. You know the tune–via email,… Continue Reading →

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